003 – Using ManyWho to Automate Contact Center Processes

Episode 003 gets at the heart of business processes; automation. Service processes need as much or more automation than any other part of the business so this time we talk about workflow that goes beyond the Workflow Rules, Visual Flow, Process Builder, Escalation Rules, Routing Rules, and Auto Response Rules you know of today in Service Cloud. We talk about ManyWho; a product that can go beyond all those tools you’ve used before and put them in a single interface and automate anything from finding your caller easier to collaborative web forms that not only allow collaboration with customers, but collaboration with other parts of your company using co-editing and co-browsing. It’s like Google Docs for Salesforce records. To learn more about ManyWho, Jeff and Cheryl interview Steve Wood, the CEO at ManyWho; a Salesforce Ventures backed company.
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Topics and Links
  • Help Nana Gregg  – Gregg Family Relief
  • Informavores – 2006 website | CrunchBase
  • Process has been key to Steve for years
  • Making Process Flow a first class citizen
  • ManyWho makes Salesforce a Business Process Management (BPM) platform
  • Delivering workflow in the cloud makes ManyWho different from Pega and Appian
  • YouTube channel for ManyWho
  • YouTube demo of ManyWho – Simple Call Guides with ManyWho
  • YouTube demo of ManyWho – BPM and Dynamic Case Management in Service Cloud
  • YouTube demo of ManyWho – Using Twilio with ManyWho to Drive Calls
  • Schema Builder – Came out under Steve’s watch at Salesforce with the great work of Shannon Hale
  • Service Cloud process examples
    • Call guidance
    • Multi-step processes that aren’t always linear
    • Real time approval processes
    • Real time Chatter
    • Real time multi-user
  • Salesforce Ventures
  • Pega Can’t but Salesforce + ManyWho Can
  • Google Docs vs WordPerfect
  • ManyWho can work for a company with 2 users up to enterprise levels
  • No governor limits with ManyWho
    • AWS allows them to elastically scale
  • 1,500 processes being run all the time at Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Stick with Salesforce for your most complex processes without Apex using ManyWho
  • Contact ManyWho for a demo
  • First virtual hug delivered to a guest from Cheryl for all Steve has done
Jeff Grosse and Cheryl Feldman
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002 – History of the Service Cloud, Features, and Use Cases

Episode 002 gets at the history of the Service Cloud. It’s not been around as long as Salesforce has as a company, but it’s not that much younger than the Sales Cloud. It’s seen many evolutions over time though; in name, features, and possibilities. Cheryl and Jeff explore the Service Cloud’s history and what makes it amazing today.
Topics and Links
Jeff Grosse and Cheryl Feldman
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001 – Introducing The Case Closed Podcast

Introducing The Case Closed Podcast

Meet Jeff Grosse and Cheryl Feldman, your hosts for the first podcast dedicated completely to the Salesforce Service Cloud and taking service and support experiences to the next level.

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Our Podcast is Coming Soon

We are excited to announce that in the coming weeks we will be launching the Case Closed Podcast.  This podcast will be the first of it’s kind; a podcast dedicated entirely to service excellence and the Service Cloud. The Case Closed Podcast will of course cover all things Service Cloud, but we’ll dive deeper not just into the technical but into the methodologies on how service teams can be more efficient.  Look for some special guests and reviews of features and apps.  

About the Case Closed Podcast Hosts

Jeff Grosse


Jeff has 17+ years of contact center and CRM experience.  He leads the Salesforce Service Cloud Practice for Appirio, one of the largest Salesforce systems integrators around.  Jeff has an enthusiasm that’s contagious, which is why getting to hear his passion for service excellence in audio form should help get you psyched with what is possible using Service Cloud.  Jeff is part of the inaugural Salesforce MVP class and helps make heroes of those around him using awesome tools like Service Cloud and Evernote.

Cheryl Feldman

CherylFeldman512Cheryl has been in the salesforce ecosystem since 2004 starting out as a “Solo Admin” who now currently leads a team of Salesforce Admins at GSD Company building cool things in the clouds. Cheryl first migrated a support team onto salesforce in 2006 and quickly learned the power of the Service Cloud. She loves bringing efficiency to service, support and operational teams using both technology and service methodologies.  Cheryl is also a Salesforce MVP and Salesforce User Group Leader in NYC.  
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